I really need to write a long piece on Nightmares On Wax. I’ll get to that in the months to come but for now let’s stick to his new track Back To Nature. If you’ve heard N.O.W before there’s not much to say. The music is effortlessly chill which is really his signature style. And if you’ve heard a lot of his music, chances are you’ve smoked a lot of pot and already pondered about things like individual and collective consciousness, the meaning of life etc.. etc.. the usual existential stuff that we all think about until we get distracted by self serving goals. So Back To Nature kinda brings back thoughts on collective consciousness and how the world is really a sum of its parts and for it to survive we need to accept and realise that and move on. A fitting message at this time when the world lacks the leadership to bring unity and it’s in the hands of each individual to make this happen. To sum things up you’ll love the song and the video will blow your mind.

Nightmares On Wax – Back To Nature

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