If you’ve  followed Four Tet, not just his albums and single releases but also his mixes and DJ sets, you know there’s a certain amount of unpredictability in his music. You just cannot predict what he’s going to put out next.

Last week Four Tet announced that he’ll be putting out new music in a few days. A key element that stood out in that image was the Om symbol hinting perhaps at a track, or an album even, with Indian spiritual / devotional influences. In my head I was expecting a sound similar to Morning side. That track, a blissful 20 minute long one, sampled a very spiritual sounding Bollywood track by Lata Mangeshkar from 1983 and sounded like the perfect come down from his previous release Beautiful Rewind. It had enough chill but just enough do a (very) slow dance to.

Coming to Two Thousand And Seventeen, which he just released several hours ago, the single mellows things even more. I’m pretty shitty at identifying samples and specific influeneces, but 10 seconds into it the track sound almost like the melody from Radiohead’s All I Need and then the layers with the south asian influences come in, all very soothing and calming. Something I’d put on repeat to do yoga to if I did yoga. Something I’d definitely start, and perhaps end, my day with. Maybe i’m biased to Four Tet because i’m a long time fan, but Two Thousand And Seventeen is as good as a track as he’s put out until now and I want more!

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