Recondite – Theater II EP

Recondite returns after maintaining a year long silence with a 5 track EP titled “Theater II” on Dystopian. If you’re familiar with the Recondite sound you already know that the producer is a master of seamlessly blending techno, house and acid sounds while maintaining a deep warm sound. The first track off the EP available for streaming on Bandcamp is no different. He doesn’t shoot too far from what he’s good at and that’s not disappointing in the least.

The album art deserves a solid mention too. The website for Dystopian credits Nina Langel for the layout and going by the doll getting ready, it seems like the show is just about to begin. Makes me wonder if the EP is more of a buildup to a full length release in the not so distant future.

Recondite – Theater II EP is out on July 3 and is available for purchase in digital and vinyl formats.

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