Few bands get us as excited about new music as Queens Of The Stone Age. The band members, in particular Josh Homme, clearly suspected to be a degenerate liar, were subject to a lie detector test. Now, I don’t trust these lie detector tests. And I wouldn’t take one. And I wouldn’t expect QOTSA to take one either, but I assume someone wanted answers desperately and had something on Homme and his partners in crime to get them to sit down, strap up and answer some questions.

Anyway, gauging the results, here’s how things went down. We choose to believe that Homme is an honest man and lie detector tests don’t work. So here goes,

  1. The new album is NOT called Villains.
  2. The new album is NOT produced by Mark Ronson.
  3. Josh Homme CANNOT read your mind.
  4. Homme cannot recall the killer track played during the test. The track is supposedly called “Feet Don’t Feel Me” and is supposedly of Villains. Homme hadn’t heard it before but think it sounds great. We agree and want more.
  5. Josh Homme likes to dance.

The band also shared this clip yesterday.

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