Multi instrumentalist and super talented producer Benn Jordan has announced a new album titled “Piety of Ashes” under his IDM moniker The Flashbulb. There’s also a single, in signature The Flashbulb style, titled “Cycles” that’s up on Soundcloud.

The Flashbulb is known for his style of IDM that layers some of the most beautifully composed melodies alongside glitchy electronics. Calling his music “experimental” might be a little misleading since it is extremely palatable for lovers of music, electronic or otherwise, in general.

Benn Jordan’s discography, across his multiple monikers, traverses IDM, electronica, glitch and ambient. Perhaps i’ll take the time in the coming months to do a more in depth piece on his massive output. (I’ve been a fan for a long long time).

For now, enjoy the new single and take the time to explore his back catalogue.

Piety Of Ashes releases 1st September 2017.

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