Young Thug gets my vote for most oddball rapper currently in the game. I don’t want to get his appeal. This isn’t the kind of rap I like listening to and his lyrics are frankly too mumblecore for me to take seriously. But there are other reasons I can’t help admire him. The way he uses auto-tune not as a crutch, but as an entirely new instrument, still blows my mind. He’s got a sense of melody unlike anyone else in hip-hop right now; you chance upon a Young Thug track and right off the bat you know what you’re listening to. I think it was Erykah Badu who dubbed him last year as the new ‘Andre 3000’, which is kind of a huge, huge deal, for reasons I don’t think I need to explain.

What’s most exciting to me is Thugger’s approach to gender. A lot of his content is sexist and problematic beyond a doubt, but show me any other rapper of his stature who believes in the fluidity of gender and is willing to pose on his album cover in a dress. “You could be a gangster with a dress, you could be a gangster with baggy pants”, he’d said in a promo for Calvin Klein, around the time he put out his last album ‘Jefferey’, in 2016. Gender queer politics in the black community are not new, but Thugger is significant for challenging a very singular notion of masculinity that has been prevalent in hip-hop for nearly three decades now.


Thugger, who is as prolific as he is original, is set to come out with his third, ‘singing’, country music inspired album this year titled ‘Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls’, and he’s just shared a trailer for the same, which you can check out above. He’s also been repeatedly Tweeting the acronym ‘E.B.B.T.G 16th’, which gives impetus to the rumours that the album will drop on 16th Sept. 2017.

There’s even an alleged tracklist out:

1. Family Don’t Matter (feat. Millie Go Lightly)
2. Tomorrow Til Infinity
3. She Wanna Party
4. Daddy’s Birthday
5. Do U Love Me
6. Relationship (feat. Future)
7. You Said
8. On Fire
9. Get High (feat. Snoop Dogg & Lil Durk)
10. Feel It
11. Me or Us
12. Oh Yeah
13. For Y’all (feat. Jacquees)
14. Take Care