John Frusciante might be known to fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers as their former guitarist, but for fans of Frusciante himself, his work with them is just the tip of the iceberg. John Frusciante’s oeuvre spans genres, instruments and a multitude of musical styles that you’d have been hard pressed to predict back in his RHCP days. The most surprising turn of events in his musical career, perhaps, is Trickfinger, his latest project that involves swapping guitars for hardware synths and drum machines. In 2015, Trickfinger released their eponymous debut album of acid house, drawing comparisons to the likes of Aphex Twin’s AFX material, and the rest of Richard D. James now defunct Rephlex Label roster. Word just got out today that John Frusciante will be reviving this moniker for a second LP, to be released on Acid Test, a subsidiary of Los Angeles based Absurd Records. Frusciante is in legendary company, with the label also being home to acid stalwarts such as Recondite and Donato Dozzy. It might seem surprising, but long-time Frusciante fans will say that it’s hardly so. You get the feeling that this man can decide to do anything, and do it pretty darn well. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote an opera tomorrow. You can never really tell with this guy.

If you haven’t yet heard the first Trickfinger LP, do it now. Trickfinger II comes out September 8, 2017.