Travel is one of the best ways to gain perspective for the better, but what happens when you don’t have time or money to hop on a plane and go? Voyeur your way into the lives and worlds of others through Instagram. Here are some Instagram accounts that will change your worldview without you ever having to leave your living room.

Sami Alalul @samialalul

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Alalul’s photographs of everyday Palestine capture a 70-year old conflict without the preachiness of overt political activism.


Saad @visualsbysaad

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Dubai never looked so intriguing. Saad goes to great heights to capture the much-appreciated buzz of this Emirate, and great distances to show off its underappreciated natural beauty.


Everyday DPRK @everydaydprk

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Get a rare and unbiased look inside of the very closed off North Korea. This is a curated account from various photographers based in or traveling through North Korea.


Mitesh Mirchandani @miteshdop

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This cinematographer of some big budget Bollywood films shares photos from film shoots, travel, and everyday life in India and abroad.


Conflict Kitchen @conflictkitchen

Conflict Kitchen shows photos of food and food prep from countries which the United States is in conflict. Conflict Kitchen curates and uses guest Instgrammers. If you’re looking for Instagram accounts that will change your worldview – this is definitely one!


Vijay Villafranca @vjvillafranca

This documentary photographer captures the very colorful daily life of Manila and the Philippines in black & white.


Maggie Steber @maggiesteber

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You can never go wrong by following a Guggenheim Fellow and National Geographic photographer. A collection of conceptual and documentary, Steber photos life around the world and back.


Nana Kofi Acquah @africashowboy

Rafting down a river, rock concerts, and kids on the beach, Acquah captures every day Ghana across communities and socio-economic groups.


Liliana @liligraphic1

Follow Liliana and you’ll quickly learn that everything you know about Colombia is pretty one-dimensional. This graphic designer captures the diverse and enthralling beauty of Colombia that will make you want to pack your bag and buy a plane ticket asap.


Ahmad Abushakeema @abushakeema

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This account features Abushakeema’s project “1000 Portraits from Sudan”.  This project celebrates and narrates the great diversity of Sudan.


These are some of our favorite Instagram accounts that will change your worldview. Follow Mezzanine for more intriguing discoveries from around the world, daily.