Though lovely in its own right, Randusari used to be a non-descript village in Indonesia with nothing in particular drawing in tourists. The local council committee decided to chance that. Enter: Indonesia’s Rainbow Village.

Perhaps seeing how much good photo ops play into travel decisions, the committee decided to paint the town red…and pink, blue, green, purple, and yellow.

Indonesia’s Rainbow Village: Insta-Heaven

All of the houses and buildings in Randusari are covered with almost Dr. Suess-like colors-hence the nickname Rainbow Village.

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Some walls have intriguing patterns or pieces of art that further attract Instagrammers and selfie-takers in search of the perfect profile pic.

Other Colorful Villages worthy of an Instagram Pic

Indonesia’s Rainbow Village isn’t the first place to entice travellers with its distinct colors. Here are some colorful villages that will make Instagrammers drool.

Jodhpur, India

While perhaps not intentional, the Blue City of Jodhpur have been drawing tourists in for decades, and probably even longer. It’s not too clear as to why Jodhpur was ever painted blue (the caste system or termites, depending on who you ask). What is clear, however, is that it makes for some beautiful photographs.

Indonesia's Rainbow Village or Jodphur Blue City?
The Blue City is a photographer’s dream come true.

Rainbow Village Instagram Jodhpur

Juzcar, Spain

Though not as ancient as Jodhpur, Juzcar is just as blue. So how did the town turn blue? Well, for the Smurfs, of course. No really; every building in Juzcar was painted blue as a publicity stunt for the premier of the film Smurfs 3D. the town decided to stay with its new motif, and you can even find a few Smurfs hanging around.

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Caihongjuan Village, Taichung Taiwan

Sorry, but Indonesia’s Rainbow Village isn’t the only rainbow village around. A little place in Taichung has been going by the name “Rainbow Village” for quite sometime now. While it’s a bit of an exaggeration to call this place a “village”, but regardless, this small cluster of houses have been covered in magical murals almost entirely by one man, Huang Yung-fu, or the “Rainbow Grandpa”. He started to paint these beautiful murals when the village was being torn down. Seeing as the Rainbow Village was gaining attention, the paintings actually suspended the demolition.

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Shengsi, China

This abandoned village isn’t known for its artificial color, but because of the way Mother Nature herself claimed the ruins back to the Earth. Though quite the contrast from Indonesia’s Rainbow Village, this green village is one not to miss.


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