On 21 January 2017 women around the world gathered to advocate for a number of policy issues the incoming US President seemed to care little about – women’s rights, immigration, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the environment to name a few. Now a full-fledged movement with regular calls to action to bring about change, Women’s March is a force to be reckoned with. And for Women’s March art is a sign of resistance.

Women’s March Art: Art is a Requirement for All Successful Revolutions

While dissemination of art has evolved over the years there is no doubt that since the beginning of time art has played a major role in bringing about change. That might be why for Women’s March art has become an integral tool of the movement. Using #SignofResistance people share artwork inspired by or to inspire the Women’s March community.

The exact message of each Women’s March art piece depends on the artist. However, artists usually take on themes related to issues relevant to the movement, including current or proposed US-policies.

The Women’s March Instagram account features some of the most on point and impactful pieces of artwork, such as this piece by artist Amber Williams King:

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Along with the artwork, Women’s March shared the following text:

We are not truly free, until the most marginalized among us are free. This means that we need to continue to learn and inform ourselves about the issues – especially the ones that may not affect our own lives.

Does Art Inspire Movements or Do Movements Inspire Art?

While much of the Women’s March art is contributed by followers and community members who use #SignofResistance some powerful pieces come from unknown sources, such as this piece shared to encourage women to join the June 3rd #MarchforTruth:

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Women’s March also shares photos of inspirational street art. Often, these pieces align with the patriotic concepts such as freedom, justice and equality for all.

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Women’s March often shares #SignsofResistance with “real time” political concerns.

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This piece by artist Lexx Valdez was accompanied by the text:

We chose today’s #SignOfResistance by @lexx_valdez in response to all of the attempts by Congress to roll back our rights on the Hill this week. Stay watchful. Stay informed. Keep calling. Keep resisting.
Here are 3 things happening today alone:
-The House is voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with the American Health Care Act, which, if implemented, would be disastrous for millions of Americans.
-We’re on to day 4 of the Gorsuch confirmation hearings for SCOTUS. (Many Senate Dems are moving to filibuster the vote.)
-The Senate is voting on the future of online privacy by using the Congressional Review Act to roll back our online privacy.

Art for the People, By the People

Most of all, for every piece of art hashtagged #SignofResistance that Women’s March shares to their account, there are dozens of other artist-activists creating, sharing and inspiring. Some are even making it permanent:

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