Erased Tapes recently turned 10. That’s really young for a label that’s achieved so much and consistently put out such high quality music. For those familiar with the label there’s not much to say in terms of what they stand for, we’re already familiar with it. For those who are late to the party, there’s really know better way to get familiar with them than their 10th anniversary celebrations.

The celebrations will be marked with a series of events in September starting with an opening party at Village Ground on 6th September followed by a takeover of the Royal Festival Hall on 8th and 9th September. Tickets go on sale on 1st June 2017.

Here’s a little introduction to the label artists who are part of the event.

Ben Lukas Boysen

Boysen is a Berlin based producer, composer and sound designer. You might know him under the alias Hecq under which he’s released music on Ad Noiseam and Hymen Records in the past. A genius at composing cinematic and enveloping pieces, Boysen will open the party for the label at Village Underground.

Daniel Brandt

Daniel Brandt is the percussionist and co-founder of  Berlin’s Brandt Brauer Frick ensemble. His first release on Erased Tapes shows the influences his travels across the globe have had on his sound.

“The initial idea was to make a cymbal album. I wanted to surround myself with all types of cymbals. I locked myself into my father’s cabin in the woods for three days. That was the moment I realised it was not possible for me to make an album just with cymbals because other ideas and instruments imposed themselves on me. I had a clear sense of what I wanted to do now. The intention was to let the songs evolve by themselves and not edit too much, keep it raw and have an explosion-like energy to them. I wanted to create a different sound, songs that build up like dance tunes but don’t feel like club music at all. Travelling around in California for two months gave me the possibility to deeply get into this concept outside my normal environment. Robert Raths, who served as a great motivator throughout the whole process (I guess he had listened to the record more than I ever had) came up with the perfect order for the songs. This record is about failing to make the original plan happen, but then the discovery of something I couldn’t even think of before.”


Dawn Of Midi

What do you get when an Indian, a Pakistani and a Moroccan walk into a bar? A fucking good sounding trio called Dawn Of Midi. We need more of that – Indians and Pakistani’s coming together and collaborating. The bands debut Dysnomia was originally released in 2013 on US based Thirsty Ear before being re-released by Erased Tapes in 2015. A great release that is essentially jazz (with songwriting unlike improvised and free style) and some African influences that set a foot tapping groove.


Douglas Dare

Douglas Dare grew up in a musical household. His mother was a piano teacher and that became his instrument of choice too. He started out as an instrumental composer as a pianist but added the role of singer – songwriter to his repertoire in 2008. His latest release Aforger shows him collaborate with a choir and brass ensemble. A marked evolution from his earlier releases in terms of sonic aesthetic, which accompany a more stripped down and perhaps honest approach to his poetry and songwriting too.


Ólafur Arnalds is from Iceland, plays the piano and is a BAFTA winning composer. Janus Rasmussen is a founding member (and considered the mastermind) of the electro-pop outfit Bloodgroup. The two came together, with a shared love for minimal and experimental music, in 2009 to form Kiasmos. Kiasmos lies at the intersection of the two musicians’ backgrounds.

Michael Price

Michael Price is one of the most respected and sought after composers in London. He started out as a pianist and composer for contemporary dance performances. He won an EMMY in 2014 for his work in films and television. He’s also the composer for the TV show Sherlock, for which he has been nominated for two emmy awards and a BAFTA.

Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles is often rumoured to have been the first signing and inspiration behind Erased Tapes. Fascinated by sound at an early age, there was no question that Ryan Lee West would be pushing the boundaries of how music is created. His sound is characterised by an organic, analogue nature with compositions that start out on acoustic instruments before making their way into electronics with the results being a blend of human warmth embedded in electronics.

Lubomyr Melnyk

Melnyk is the perfect example of an artist committed to his tools. Regarded as one of the best pianists in the world, his performances are known to leave audiences wide mouthed in awe.

Masayoshi Fujita

I’m just going to leave you here with this video of Fujita playing the vibraphone.

Penguin Cafe

Penguin Cafe was started by Arthur Jeffes almost as an ode to his fathers legacyby bringing together musicians like Gorillaz and Sade to perform compositions by the original Penguin Cafe Orchestra. The project was eventually destined to put out equally good original compositions.

Peter Broderick

Peter Broderick is as much a musical prodigy as they come. After being an integral part of the Portland indie scene, he moved to Denmark in 2007 and entered a 5 year relationship with the band Efterklang. He then moved to Berlin, joined Erased Tapes and has since released several solo albums, has collaborated with the likes of Nils Frahm and Greg Haines and has scored films and documentaries.

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