So you listen to Anderson .Paak on Pandora or Soundcloud on the regular…who doesn’t?

…but have you seen Anderson .Paak’s Instagram account as of late? For the last year, Anderson .Paak’s Instagram account has been filled with a slew of original and intriguing artwork all presented in grids. Often in surrealist settings, you’ll find Anderson .Paak dancing on a strawberry shortcake drifting through the sky or a chilling in a winter jacket among some Hokusai-inspired waves.

Screenshots from Anderson .Paak’s Instagram account



It’s no doubt that Anderson .Paak is not only an amazing musician, but has a great eye for artistic talent. But who is the artist so deeply inspired by Anderson .Paak’s music to create all these insane (in a good way) depictions? All of the recent artwork on .Paak’s Instagram account has been done by Simone Cihlar, a communication designer located in Mannheim, Germany. Boasting killer talent for collage art, according to Behance, Cihlar works as a freelancer for Jakarta Records.

In 2012, Cihlar made a collage for the German Producer, Shuko for an album that released on the first anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death.

In Cihlar’s own Instagram account you’ll find more trippy artwork with themes of pop culture, world politics, science and much more.

A post shared by Mone Kim (@simone_cihlar) on

A post shared by Mone Kim (@simone_cihlar) on

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