First thing I did today was stream the new 3TEETH album, and even on first listen it’s miles ahead of their debut from 2014. With the all cheese of late 80s/early 90s EBM, but also all the finesse you’d demand from a top shelf industrial act, this album sounds MASSIVE. I don’t even listen to much metal anymore, but that guitar tone, goddamn!

Check out this excellent feature in The Independent as well. Here’s an excerpt:

‘I personally think it would be advantageous for us all to attempt to shutdown our own reality tunnels, largely because I feel we all tend to get too caught up in our own s**t and lose sight of the bigger picture of what the human experience could be. It would probably do us all some good to uninstall, re-evaluate, update and freshly install a new operating system on a more consistent basis because it seems every kind of ignorance results from people not realizing that our perceptions are all gambles. The 13 songs on the album deal with themes such neuro-linguistic programming, cybernetics, hypnosis, biofeedback devices, meditation, controlled use of hallucinogens and other methods of forcing ourselves out of these reality tunnels and the psychic oppression that tends to come with them.’