Dominowe – SiyaThakatha

Art, of any kind, encompasses the unique and distinctive output of its creator: an inimitable human being. It points to a blueprint map of  who this creator is, encapsulates their experiences and somehow points to how they arrive at their creation(s). This blueprint, although lending glimmer into one life, connects deeply into an unfathomable amount of other lives – lending an expression and effect. With this in mind, we go on a journey with Dowinowe – the first solo artist release
for the Gqom oh! label – on his debut “GQOM004”

Dominowe is a 19 year old producer from the Newlands east township of Durban, South Africa who started out making music just for his friends. This release snapshots important themes in his evocative personal journey – expressed in his own very unique style.

Releasing on Vinyl in 27th of January 2017, the EP, titled “SiyaThakatha”, showcases Dominowe’s original style in the context of the Durban electronic music scene especially when paced beside Gqom and Sghubu. The listener gets a real sense of his complexity and the variety of styles Dominowe is capable of producing.  “SiyaThakatha”, the EP name, is translated _black_ _magic,_ or, _we witching – _ which is right at the heart of this release: that listening to these sounds invite you into the universe of an unseen world, putting you in touch with what can only described as invisible energy – a combination of the ideal, the intangible, the unattainable and the other-worldly whilst on journey with a 19year old from Durban whose music is
composed of influence and innovation. It is about gqom working its magic on the dance floor for people to move – to the distinctive beats and cultural rhythms.

It features four tracks – including one skit outro –  as well as three tracks on digital download. The tracks were chosen specifically as a reflection of the variety of styles Dominowe produces and the
originality of his productions.

Side A of the vinyl it’s about Gqom and Core Tribe and on side B finally we are going to introduce the music genre from Durban called Sgubhu.

Referring to some of the tracks on his idiosyncratic track list, Dominowe cites:

* A1 – Newlands Mgido _was made “for the suburb I live In (Newlands East,Durban) to salute all the dancers of gqom music who live there” (Genre – Gqom)

* A2_ – Umzabalazo_ “is based out of prayers being heard by the Zulu people. This prayer is based on a celebration” (Genre – Core tribe)

* B1_ – Umthakhathi_ “..means ‘witch’ in Zulu but not as we imagine it. It comes out of the thought that not all witches have dark intentions. (Genre – Sghubu)

*B2 – _Bhenga Nezinja feat. Chaotic Boyz “dancing with the dawg so In this track we send a invitation for a dance with us” (Genre – Sghubu)